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“From the very first day that we entered CDA, 7 years ago, we have felt like family with Miss Niki, her wonderful staff, and the other dancers. My daughter was only 4 when she began tap & ballet with Miss Niki….she will turn 12 soon, and absolutely loves to dance. The opportunity to excel at your own pace, and ‘be yourself’ at CDA has led to inter-personal growth, confidence, and passion that as a mother, I have enjoyed watching in my daughter as she has danced her way through the years! There is no doubt how much this studio truly loves and cares for each and every dancer as individuals and as part of the CDA family! Attention and care to the smallest of details, prove time and time again, just how much this is true. I have enjoyed watching CDA grow through the years, and am so pleasantly amazed that with this growth, it still feels like it did when we first started–‘personal and caring’! Congratulations on being outstanding in what you do CDA….and thank you for being a place for my little girl to grow and blossom into the best dancer and most confident, caring, and friendly young lady she can be!!!! You are all priceless in our eyes!!!” ~Lori M.
Just a quick note about the article on CDA in the Locals Only section of the Forsyth County News.   I always read everything I see regarding CDA. In my opinion, the February article was a well-written one. It was informative about dance studios, yet allowed the reader to draw conclusions as to why CDA is ranked so highly among the community. The wording of this particular article made reading easy.  Whomever wrote this article needs to be tapped (play on words) for future writings. Also, it is was nice to see new dancers in the pictures for the advertisement.
I just wanted to share my positive thoughts with you.
– Alice Reid

Click here to read the article featured in the Forsyth County News – Locals Only Section (Page 11).

My daughter is Macy and she has now been enrolled at CDA for almost one full year.  This past December was our first holiday performance so I did not know what to expect.  It ended up being the highlight of my holiday season!  I LOVED the entire show!   I actually find myself thinking that if she was to stop dancing that I would still want to see this show as part of my holiday season.  =)   Thanks,   Tara D.
Thank you for your integrity. Your e-mail yesterday confirmed to us that CDA is the right place for our children. It’s not about dance steps and elaborate shows. We hand-picked CDA because we knew it would mean mentorship for our children. This is only our first year, but we look forward to many more here.  I just wanted you to know how much your professionalism and honesty means to our family. Thank you for all you do. We appreciate you!  -A. Brogdon
I would like to thank your staff for the three years we have attended your classes.  My daughter Gianna has Autism.  She is a kind and wonderful child that needs extra attention and help, but loves to dance.  Your staff went above and beyond to help her succeed and feel comfortable.  Staying in her three year old program with Miss Hannah and moving on into the four year old program.  This year is her 3rd year and she is now in the 5 year old program with Miss Stacy.  She loves to go to dance class and each time we comes she shows her enthusiasm not being able to wait quietly for Miss Stacy to open the door!  I am very happy that she had her first experience with a structured program in early childhood to be with your establishment.  L. Johnson.
Angelina would come in from infancy and watch her sister in class.  As she got older she couldn’t wait until it was her turn to attend class.  She has been in Miss Stacy’s two year old program this year and loved every moment.  She and Gianna also attend your Kinder-Gym class offered and it was a wonderful experience for Gianna to help her large motor skills to develop.  Please thank your teachers and your office staff and thank you for everything you do for our children.  We will always have fond memories of CDA.  -G. Scaramuzzino
CDA has been nothing but a blessing to Samantha and me. Your studio and your philosophy regarding dance are warm and welcoming and allow ALL the dancers to enjoy dance and love what they do. I love the fact that it is not about competition but about girls having fun, exercising , making friends and enjoying dancing. It allows all the girls to grow and develop in their own way and provide self-esteem. You are so organized and provide the communication that parents need to make sure that the dancers have what they need as well as CDA to be successful. The recitals are all amazing!!!! Thanks again for an amazing 7 years!” ~Gayle D.
“My daughter has been dancing with Niki and CDA for eight years since she was 2 years old. She refers to CDA as her “happy place,” and that makes me happy too. I have watched my daughter grow in so many ways throughout our time at CDA — dance ability, confidence, showmanship, teamwork, persistence, perserverance, and gracefulness. CDA’s dance recitals provide her with excellent stage experience, and she just loves to perform. Last year, she joined Ms. Niki’s Elite Performance Class and was able to perform several more times throughout the year. She just loved it! Her connection with CDA is a powerful motivator in all areas of her life. It helps her to prioritize her school work and helps her to focus. Most importantly to me, CDA has been her stability throughout a difficult transition in our lives, and I am so grateful. It truly is a safe haven for her.” ~Cheryl M.
“At CDA, my daughter has received a well rounded training in all forms of dance in a positive, noncompetative and supportive environment, But what she has gained from CDA is so much more than a dance education. She has learned dedication, self discipline and respect for herself and others. She has developed a healthy lifestyle and made lifelong friends with similiar interests. The staff at CDA sets a great example for their dancers with organization and preparation leading to development of good time management skills in their more advanced dancers with busy schedules. School work is stressed as important and the dancers have the expectation to keep up their grades which as a parent I greatly appreciate. The dance recitals at CDA are well organized and very entertaining – we look forward the them each year. At CDA, my daughter has aquired a passion for dance that will be with her forever and I feel she is well prepared for any avenue she wants to pursue in the feild of dance. We love CDA!” ~Kym L.
“This is my daughters 7th year at Cumming Dance Academy. She is in the 5th grade, and enrolled in 4 different classes. She has enjoyed all of her dance years there, and looks forward to returning each year. Miss Niki and the instructors provide a fun, challenging, and positive experience for every student. We look forward to many more years at CDA!” ~Alicia S.
“My daughter has been dancing at Cumming Dance Academy for six years and it has been a wonderful experience! She has taken many different forms of dance and has enjoyed each one of them. She has such a passion for dance and performance and the environment at CDA helps her develop and grow her craft. Not only has it been good for her “dance world” but it has also helped her in all areas of her life by teaching her discipline, structure, focus and how to be positive. On top of all of this, it is so much fun and she absolutely loves being at the studio! She has made life long friends that share her love for dance and she also loves to be on stage and the recitals provide a great dance experience. We love being a part of them! Nikki and her staff of incredible instructors are amazing and provide a great dance environment. Thanks for all you do everyday! Having a passion for dance myself, this year I am also dancing at CDA in the adult class! Great fun as well as great exercise! Love, love, love it and love CDA!” ~Cindy S.

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“Our daughters have been at CDA for over seven years. The instructors in every class have been challenging, supportive and delivered excellent instruction. Most importantly, we cannot say enough about just how much impact Miss. Niki has had on our daughters’ growth and development. She and her staff impart discipline, poise and physical strength all while keeping the kids excited to be there. Miss. Niki and CDA have become a part of our lives in a way we never could have expected and we truly appreciate the experience. We love our CDA family! ~Bridgette & David S.
“Our experience at CDA has been nothing less than amazing!! My daughter Haley has been dancing with the studio for six years and has had an incredible experience throughout the years. Mrs. Niki offers a very nice, clean and professional atmosphere for the dancers to thrive in daily. We are very fortunate to have a studio of this caliber in our community. The team including instructors, staff and volunteers that makes CDA what it is today, is wonderful to work with and extremely organized. The two performances that are available for the dancers, are a class act that makes you proud to invite family and friends to come and enjoy. Should you have a more serious dancer that is seeking to challenge herself to a higher level, there are opportunities afforded for them as well with the Elite Performance Class, Junior Company and Senior Company. I encourage anyone to come and be a part of the family at CDA, it is a wonderful place for every dancer!”~Ruth A.IMG_6594
“CDA offers so much for our two dancing daughters. Even after several years of dancing at CDA, they can’t wait to get to class to learn new steps and routines each week. The recitals are so organized and beautifully choreographed; our entire family looks forward to every performance!” ~ Susan W.
“Cumming Dance Academy and the staff have become like a 2nd family to my daughter, Jordan. Not only has Jordan learned great dance styles and techniques while having fun, but she has also developed new friendships with some great girls along the way. As a parent, I have enjoyed watching her self-confidence grow while learning to dance. The best part is watching her perform on stage and showing off all her hard work. I have always been impressed with the dance instructors and staff on all occasions. My overall experience with CDA has been wonderful and we look forward to many more years to come. Thanks CDA!” ~Amy T.


“Our family has been with CDA for the last ten years. When I say family, it is in the true sense of the word. Not only have I and my two daughters been a part of CDA but my husband and our parents feel they are part of CDA as well. We have watched our daughters grow from adorable little girls with tutus to talented and accomplished young ladies. CDA has taught them the joy of dance, the thrill of performance and through hard work they can master their dreams. I have recently joined the adult class and I am enjoying learning new things as well. CDA has been and continues to be the most wonderful family to belong to.” ~Frances W.
“CDA has been a wonderful experience for our daughter. She has been dancing there for 3+ years. Every year, she wants to take as many classes as she can at her age level. All of her dance teachers have inspired her to absolutely love and appreciate the art of dance. We look forward to many more years at CDA.” ~Kim C. 


“We are extremely happy at CDA and have been since we switched over. From the moment I brought Sarah in to register I knew we would be happy. Everyone has always been very friendly and helpful. Sarah loves dancing there. It is her passion so I see her doing it for a long time! I always recommend CDA to people who ask! ” ~Laura K.
IMG_0859“My daughter is in her fourth year of dance classes at CDA and we would not go any place else! She has learned so much from her fun and dedicated teachers who are very professional and energetic. They truly care about each and every dancer. My dancer has also made numerous lasting friendships along the way. The studio is very well-organized from the beginning class schedules to the end of the year performances and the communication is always open and welcome. You can certainly feel the enthusiasm as you walk through the doors at CDA!” ~Shelly G. 
“We love CDA!! Abby and Hannah have been coming since the beginning and have always had a very positive experience. Excellent dance instruction, extremely organized and beautiful productions. We are very thankful for your program.” ~H. Huggins  23411_10151480647053777_1939822866_n
“It started out as 1 daughter dancing, age 3…then a few years little came her younger sister age 3…and then this year my youngest daughter started dancing at 3 years old. What can we say- we love CDA and it’s teachers and owner. The recitals are professional; they put on a great show and our out of town relatives to come see it yearly! The classes are fun but structured, even at the 3 yr old level. My oldest is 9 and in 3rd grade, and has been in the company prep style performance class for 2 years. Dance is her passion and it is wonderful to see the self esteem boost she gets from dancing. She cannot wait to be old enough to be in the Junior Company. I asked her what she loved most about CDA and she said, “Going to dance is my happy place, it’s a place I can truly be myself and never have to worry about making a mistake, because everyone makes mistakes! My teachers always help me if I don’t know how to do something and I feel so good about myself when I get it right! I just love CDA.” So if you are looking for a place for your family to learn dance in a FAMILY style environment- look no further than CDA!!!” ~J. Raymond 

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“My girls have been dancing with CDA since its very inception, and it has truly been a pleasure to watch CDA develop and flourish into the fabulous program it is today. The confidence and self-esteem Miss Niki and her staff instill in all her dancers is something they will always carry with them, and all while having fun! For our family, choosing CDA has been a wonderful experience and we wouldn’t have it any other way. Thank you, Miss Niki, for all you do!” ~Laura M. 
 “Madison joined CDA over five years ago and it has become a second home with its warm and inviting family atmosphere, thanks to Miss Niki. Miss Niki and her staff are “real” professionals which make coming to class challenging as well as fun and exciting. Madison has always loved to dance and literally feels dance is a beautiful way of expressing herself. CDA has truly been a positive experience and we wouldn’t go anywhere else” ~Julia W.
“It has been such a joy to be a member of the CDA family these past four years. When we moved here from Pennsylvania, we were concerned about transitioning to a new dance studio – wondering if we would find a studio of the same caliber we were accustomed to – and I can honestly say, CDA has far exceeded our expectations from the quality of the dance instructors to the fantastic recital performances. And both Kara and Erin thoroughly enjoy the Company experience.” gandolfi 66
“Also, wanted to personally recognize Miss Megan… she is much more than a dance instructor to our girls. Megan takes a vested interest in girls’ overall success in school and the community. Several times this year, she has given the girls’ opportunity to take their passion for dance and excel in their academics – whether it be to take time out of dance class to perform experiments for science fair project or agree to be interviewed for a expository writing project. She is a true role model for the girls and we consider ourselves blessed to have her as a dance instructor and mentor. Hats off to you and the entire CDA faculty and staff for the 3-year title ‘Best Dance Studio in Forsyth County’. It is well deserved. We look forward to more years of dance at CDA! ~Renee R


“We have been a part of the Cumming Dance Academy for 4+ years. My daughter, Gracie, began with a summer camp, and she loved it so much, we have been attending ever since! As a result, I have seen my daughter’s confidence, grace and friendships grow. The teachers have always been patient and kind with Gracie, and they get fantastic results. We could not have asked for a better group of mentors for our daughter. The atmosphere is family oriented, combined with spectacular shows and costumes, and a warm environment to help the girls thrive and grow into confident young ladies. The facility itself is always clean and well managed. I would recommend Cumming Dance Academy to anyone interested in introducing their child to the arts, as well as providing a fun outlet for exercise and creativity.” ~Jolie D.
Our daughter Sydney has been dancing since she was 5 years old. Watching her progress over the years and to see her technique and love for dance grow so strong has been a blessing to witness. CDA has been an incredible studio to partner with for our daughters dance. They are very professional and extremely organized which makes it easy for us to prepare for recitals, payments, etc. Even more so, her teachers genuinely want to see our daughter rise to her top potential as a dancer and give her the encouragement she needs to do her best. Knowing that she can be challenged even more so with advanced classes and have the opportunity to be a part of their Junior and Senior Company class is wonderful and is something our daughter absolutely loves.” – Stacey C.Caitlyn & Kara
“We love Mrs Niki, Mrs Megan, Miss Julie and all the staff at CDA. I have a Company performer as well as a Kindergartener and couldn’t be more pleased. We began dance with another studio who is also very professional yet not near as much fun. Also having danced 12 years myself, I can appreciate the talent, respect, discipline, yet positive and fun environment CDA offers. We feel each student is appreciated here. Therefore, I look forward to many years of fabulous shows and experiences with CDA.” ~Andee P.


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“We have lived in many different states and cities. Out of all the dance schools Kelsie has danced at, CDA has truly inspired my child to work towards goa lsetting. She sets the bar high for anything she attempts. I feel that the culture of positive inspiration from all the teachers has been a huge part in helping her develop the ambition, determination, drive, and perseverance to see anything she attempts through to the end result. She is learning not only the art of dance, but great attributes she can carry with her through life.Thank You CDA!!, ” – Stacy B.
“My daughter started dancing at CDA when she was 3 years old and 7 years later we can’t imagine dancing anywhere else. CDA is our home away from home and as we have grown from 1 class to 6 we have always been happy. I know that what my daughter has learned about dance and life will serve her well as she navigates through Middle and High School. Everyone is very professional, helpful, fun and encouraging, because they have learned from the best, Miss Niki. Dance is what she loves and CDA is helping to make all her dance dreams come true! ~Kristin H. 
“My girls have learned so much at CDA. Hard work, perseverance, commitment, and of course dance! We’ve had many wonderful experiences at CDA over the years, with memories they will always treasure.” ~Alice S.IMG_1819-001
“Ava is about to begin her 5th year of dance at CDA and we couldn’t be happier! She lives and breathes to dance. Ms. Niki and all of the wonderful instructors at CDA have helped Ava grow from a sweet little ballerina to a graceful, passionate dancer. Ava’s confidence and self-esteem have tripled since she began at CDA. Our family is so thankful to be a part of the CDA family. It is a blessing to be able to watch the dancers and the studio continue to grow each year. WE LOVE CDA!!” ~Wendy W.
“Thank you all and Ms Nikki V for a wonderful experience today. The kids had a great time. Meg has been cheering all evening and way past her bed time. Ms Nikki actually made her pink and white pom poms and a shiny tiara– so thank full for the extra effort. Meg sure did feel special. Checked with the parents of other kids they also had nice things to say and to quote one of them — the girls felt that they were all trained to be cheer leaders and they are officially cheer leaders now! Ms Nikki engaged them all very well.” ~S. Kumarakalva
“Emily had so much fun at her dance recital and has now declared that she wants to be in all future dance recitals. I can’t thank you (and your staff) enough for everything. And believe me, the parents enjoyed it as much or more than the kids did! A very big THANK YOU!” ~E. Smith
“Wanted to thank you for all the work you do! The opportunities you provide for the girls to grown and learn are awesome. There were four dance studios represented in the parade on Saturday. CDA was by far the best (and I’m not just saying that). Our girls sang jingle bells and danced – they were precious and professional. Even my husband commented on the differences between CDA and the other studios. Every performance reinforces the decision we made 6 years ago to pick and stay with CDA”. ~K. Brown
“Our family enjoyed the shows so much. Thank you for all of your organization and dedication to making all seven of them a huge success. I have to thank you for both lyrical pieces for the Jr. and Sr. Companies, especially “We’ve Been Found”. The beautiful choreography and music really makes it feel like Christmas. Thank you again; we love being a part of something so wonderful as CDA”. ~S. Worley
“I want to personally thank you and your staff for investing in my daughter. She hasn’t danced her entire life, matter of fact, this is her 3rd performance. She continues to improve and absolutely loves her classes, classmates and teacher Jenelle. The Christmas Show was ABSOLUTELY AMAZING… Thank you for all the hard work involved in putting this production on! WAY TO GO – CDA is THE BEST!!! Merry Christmas”! ~J. Strickland 
“We’ve Been Found”. The beautiful choreography and music really makes it feel like Christmas. Thank you again; we love being a part of something so wonderful as CDA. ~S. Worley
“I have been meaning to write and say that abbygrace is in Miss Reanna’s class and we are so happy! The christmas show was amazing….we loved every part of it. The costumes were gorgeous and songs were great. Abby was the girl that had her spot taken by another student and started pushing her during the show! We were hysterical and mortified at the same time! Anyway, we couldnt be more pleased. Thanks”! ~J. Slaker
“Dear Niki, Gracie is soooo excited that dance has started back. You are doing such a wonderful job. You are a role model for our girls. And we appreciate everything you do.”  – T. Pearson 



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CDA wins BEST DANCE STUDIO for the 10th year in a row!  What an honor!  Click here to read the article featured in the Forsyth County News (Page 9).







CDA is featured on the cover of the PROGRESS edition of the Forsyth County News magazine.








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Miss Niki is featured on the cover of the Oct/Nov issue of “MOMENTS” magazine.  Click here to read her article!






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Miss Niki is named Top Business Leader of Forsyth County.  One of only 8 Business owners under the age of 40.  2012






Citizens Bank 2Local supporters with Ken Shugart of Citizens Bank of Forsyth County.





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Investing in the community of Cumming/Forsyth County.

CDA wins Small Business of the Year 2012 from the Cumming-Forsyth Chamber of Commerce.



Parents Compliment Miss Niki on her Small Business of the Year Win 2013:
“I just wanted to tell you CONGRATS on receiving the Small Business Award from the Chamber today!! Way to go! You deserve it!” ~Cindy S.
“Just saw about your win. Congratulations!!! You are one of the hardest working women that I know. I am so proud of you!!!!!! What an exciting recognition for you personally and for the studio. Way to go!!” ~Christie L.
“I’m so happy for you! Congratulations on the Chamber award, Niki!” (Does a happy dance) ~Jackie G.
“Congratulations on the award! You sacrifice so much of your time to train and teach all of the girls and we are so grateful. We love every minute we spend at CDA. I cannot say enough how Ava has completely transformed into a confident and mature little lady because of you and CDA. Thank you for being such a fantastic example of a successful and gracious woman for Ava.” ~Wendy W.

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