Hall 71.  What ages does CDA teach for dance?

CDA offers a great program for all ages!  We have students as young as 2 years old and we offer classes all the way up through Adults!  We have classes for every age and every skill level!

2.  What are the tuition costs?

CDA offers a variety of styles, classes and variations.  Our tuition prices are based upon a 37 week season (much like school) and we average your annual tuition out into monthly installments to avoid one large sum due at the start of the season.  CDA actually only charges students for 35 weeks of classes – building in 2 extra week of classes for FREE!  This covers any unexpected closings or inclement weather days and therefore no make up days are needed.  For a complete list of our tuition prices, click here.

3.  What if I sign my dancer up and he/she decides to withdraw and stop classes?

Rarely do students want to stop dancing at CDA, but in the event that happens, we have a super easy withdrawal policy!  We simply require a 2 week (10 business days) notice in writing (or email) to our business office prior to the 1st day of the upcoming month – and you will no longer be charged any additional tuition fees.

4.  Do you offer discounts for multiple family members and/or siblings?

Yes!  CDA is proud to offer a great discount to all families that choose our studio.  We give 10% off one tuition amount per month and only $15.00 Registration fee for additional family members of currently registered students.

5.  What do I need to know about CDA’s “recitals?”

First off – we don’t say the “R” word at CDA!  We do not produce simple recitals – we do full productions!  We are proud to be able to present our students (regardless of age) the ability to perform in a performance worthy of any off-Broadway theater house.  Simply ask around – you’ll hear the exceptional difference that CDA provides instead of a “recital.”

6.  What are the fees for the “Performances?”

Now you’ve got the hang of it!  Performances are optional at CDA and not every student performs.  Whether you choose to perform or simply participate in our exciting classes, you will receive exceptional training regardless.  We believe that choreography retention, critique and in-house repetition is a neccessity for any training dancer.  Should you decide to perform, our fees are all given out at the start of each season – and rarely change from year to year.  Detailed information for each of our annual performances is just below!

IMG_0052 IMG_9974

CDA’s annual “A Holiday Celebration” performance in December:

CDA’s annual performance of “A Holiday Celebration” is a local favorite among families in Forsyth County and surrounding areas.  Our performance is open to almost all students ages 3 years and up at CDA.  For our performance, student families only pay a Performance Fee to participate and that includes 1 FREE costume rental from CDA of $70.00.  (Costumes for our Holiday Performance belong to CDA and are not purchased by the student families – a great money saver for our student families!) Additional costumes for dancers performing with more than one class are rented from CDA for a minimal fee.  Families are given 2 complimentary tickets for the showtime of their choice and additional tickets can be purchased prior to the performances.  These shows are held locally at West Forsyth’s Performing Arts Center offering a huge convenience to our student families and their guests.


CDA’s End of Season Production (Themes change each season):

CDA’s spectacular performances at the end of the season have been known to wow audiences with swings, moving giraffes, windmills and much more!  These productions are the heart and soul of the Artistic Director, Niki Jernigan-Watkins – as she loves nothing more than providing the youth of this area with a platform to perform in the spotlight and shine!  Performers in these productions pay a Performance Fee ($70.00 per family) and purchase custom-made costumes that are theirs for years to come!  Costume fees range (by age/size) from $58.00-$75.00 each.  Families are given 2 complimentary tickets for the showtime of their choice and additional tickets can be purchased prior to the performances.  These shows are held locally at West Forsyth’s Performing Arts Center offering a huge convenience to our student families and their guests.

7.  Are there any “hidden fees” or “surprises” throughout the dance season?

Absolutely not!  Upon registration, CDA dance families are given a complete “CDA New Dancer Success Kit!” which includes an entire packet of information that details everything that could possibly be due throughout the dance season.  There are no surprises here!!

8.  How do I pay my monthly tuition and other fees? 

CDA’s management understands that families are busy these days!  We offer many ways to easily pay your fees for you dancer.  In each of our studio lobbies, we have convenient locked drop boxes where tuition (and any forms) can be left for our office.  We also have a locked drop box located outside of our studios.  We also offer the option of paying by credit card, cash or check at anytime at our Front Desk Office.  You can also login to your parent portal 24 hours a day and pay any balances due.  We always have STAFF on hand to assist you!  Lastly, our most popular way to pay your fees is certainly our Automatic Withdrawal program.  Simply sign up for our program to automatically remove your fees from the assigned credit card – and you’ll never have to worry about missing a payment again.  Click here for the Autopay Form.  We take care of it for you and you can avoid the hassle!

9.  My dancer has been at another studio for many years, how do I know what level to place her in at Cumming Dance Academy?  

CDA is proud to offer classes for both serious dancers and recreational dancers.  When new students come to CDA, we put them in a class solely based upon their age and then make adjustments after we have seen their skill level in class.  We do not believe in putting a child on the spot and making them “perform” to get into a class.  We observe, make suggestions and then ensure that the child is enrolled in a class that will have them challenged and enthusiastic about learning technique.  Each studio is different and no two studios have the same skill levels.  We want each dancer to be placed into a class atmosphere that is conducive to them growing and learning as a confident young dancer.

11.  Do I stay or can I drop my dancer off?

You are welcome to do either!  We have comfortable lobbies with viewing windows available to you at anytime.  Should you want to drop and go – your child is always in capable hands if you leave them. Once the class begins, the dancers will not come outside until the end of the class.  Children under 5th grade are released one at a time to a parent/guardian.CIRCLE BALLERINAS

13.  What are the dress code requirements?

We sell all required dancewear at our affordable in-house dancewear boutique – “Tutu’s & Tap’s”.  Click here to see our dress code.

14.  I still have questions – who should I contact?

We have an office staff that is eager to answer any and all questions you may have!  Simply call us, email us, stop by our office – whatever is the best form of communication for you!  We will be available.

15.  I’m excited about CDA!  How do I enroll?

Enrolling at CDA is super easy!  You can enroll here on our website or stop by personally to see us! We’d love to meet you and show you around our facility!




hope james

Pictured:  Hope James

Hope has danced at CDA since the age of 4.

*All photographs used on this website are actual CDA students.